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Some of the ecommerce software available is highly specialized. This is the case with ebook compiling software like Activ E-book Compiler. Software like this enables users to create downloadable ebooks using HTML or Word documents in most cases. Most of these programs will compile ebooks using pre-established Word, HTML or in some cases PowerPoint files. You can usually create an unlimited number of ebooks once you buy this software of unlimited size.

The benefits of this ecommerce software include the ability to support images, JavaScript, VBScript, animation and plug-ins including Flash. You can also usually hyperlink easily to other websites. This makes creation of an interactive book that is enticing and appealing easy and efficient. Any novice user can use this software effectively and easily, streamlining creation processes and cutting down on expenses.

Most offer you the choice of password protecting your book or sections of your book, and you won't have to pay royalties to use most systems. Many also prevent viewing the HTML source code to prevent people from lifting your material for free, a beneficial security feature any ebook user would want to have. Some will even allow the creator to allow ebooks to expire after a given number of days or uses unless the user reenters their password. Most ebook compilers are exceptional and can be used to create a comprehensive ebook in just minutes. You can even update the book once created and make changes simply with the click of a button.

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