What are the specialized accounting software modules?

Aside from traditional accounting applications like payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable you may need to investigate accounting software applications that offer specialty features depending on your firms business and industry. There are accounting software programs that offer CPA specific tasks and those that offer specialized solutions for globally based or innovative business processes. Here are just a few unique features of specialized accounting software applications.

  • Tax Preparation. Tax preparation applications come in handy for just about any business, but are particularly useful for CPA firms. Most tax applications will print business tax returns and automate annual corporate tax returns processes for both state and federal tax forms.
  • Auditing. Auditing applications enable firms including CPA firms to audit clients financial statements and a firms general accounting practices.
  • Foreign currency applications. Foreign currency applications can automatically convert currency between different countries. This type of application is useful for businesses operating in multiple countries. Most include up to date and automated foreign exchange rates.
  • Project Management. A PM application is often geared toward businesses in the construction industry. This application helps manager track resources and the progress of a specific project or equipment.
  • Sales Force Applications. Some applications helps businesses improve performance by automating sales and marketing applications. These solutions generally enable a business to serve the needs of clients quickly hence enhancing customer service. A sales force system often works in conjunction with a customer relationship management application that provides information from sales, marketing and customer service efforts that integrates with traditional accounting applications.