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One of the most tedious tasks a human resources professional faces is resume management. For any given job posting a recruiting manager may receive 500 or more resumes that need to be sorted and evaluated. This task can be burdensome and time consuming without the proper tools to manage the resume function. Fortunately human resources software can provide an easy solution to resume management.

Most HR systems enable users to create a database of resumes. HR software can usually scan documents and store them for easy filing and monitoring. HR software can also be used to detect duplicate resumes to reduce the risk of error and reduce the number of duplicate applications a company may receive.

Most resume management software applications also enable a human resources manager the ability to automatically rank job candidates. This is done by selecting a set of keywords that resumes need to contain to be considered for a job opening. Resumes containing these keywords are automatically screened out. A human resources system can also generate letters letting candidates know their application is received and whether they are going to be considered for further evaluation.

HR professionals can also use resume software to query for a list of possible candidates for a new position using the existing database of resumes the program has stored. This can reduce the expense associated with manually reviewing resumes or re-recruiting for a position when a fresh batch of resumes has recently been received.

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