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Human Resource Software and Applicant Tracking

Unique Features of Applicant Tracking Software

HR software comes in many shapes and sizes. You can purchase HR software with specialized functions. One such version of human resources software includes applicant tracking software. Many HRIS systems come with applicant tracking capability. Most applicant tracking software comes with several standard features including:

  • Letter and Report Generations.
  • EEO tracking and reporting.
  • Interview Scheduling and Tracking Capability.
  • Job Description creation and maintenance.
  • Statistical reporting.
  • Cost and benefits analysis.
  • Requisition analysis.
  • Resume scanning and storing.

You should look for human resources software that combines powerful applicant tracking capabilities with management solutions that will help you manage human resources efficiently and easily. Most staffing software integrates with corporate web sites so you can track data and post data like job openings or descriptions to a corporate web site when necessary. Applicant tracking software is particularly useful for facilitating the hiring process and reducing the paperwork necessary to manage the hiring process in most organizations.

Additional Software Features

Other features you may be interested in when comparing human resources software programs that handle applicant tracking include customized print forms and letter generation. Some software programs even come with multilingual capabilities, facilitating interviews for diverse population bases. When looking for a human resources package, consider your companies unique needs and the population you need to serve. This will help you decide what features are necessary and what features are optional. Most software programs require minimal installation and are self directed meaning you can easily use them minutes after installing.

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